Playlist :: Sergio Mendes and LoCura

Playlist of the Week #9

We’ve got just over a  week until the final performance of the 77th Stern Grove Festival. We’ve heard a ton of amazing music, ranging from all genres, raining in from all over the world. However, we’ve still got some amazing music to share with you, including this week’s Playlist of the Week, inspired by or related to brazilian superstar Sergio Mendes and fiery San Francisco band LoCura. Give it a listen and if you like what you hear grab a friend and a blanket and come on down to the second to last weekend of Stern Grove Festival. LoCura opens the show up at 2 p.m. and the show is, as always, admission-free.


Backstage :: LoCura

LoCura photo

at  Stern Grove Festival on Sunday, August 17, at 2 p.m.

With a cast of San Francisco’s most diverse musicians, LoCura mixes Latin styles like Rumba Flamenca, Cuban rhythms, Cumbia, and Ska together in a sound they’ve dubbed “Califas Flamenkito”. Fronted by Spanish-American vocalist Kata Miletich, LoCura reflects the global mosaic of its home in San Francisco and brings their experiences to life in their sophomore album Semilla Caminante, with lyrics in Spanish, English and Spanglish.

LoCura has toured the U.S, Canada, Mexico and Spain, playing music festivals and sharing the stage with renowned artists such as Ziggy Marley, Beats Antique, Les Nubiens, and Zap Mama while, at home, they regularly play venues like The Great American Music Hall and The Independent.

Read more about LoCura in our interview with the band below.

How has living in San Francisco influenced your sound?
San Francisco has shaped us from the beginning. Our original percussionist is a Bay Area native who incorporated her love of Afro-Cuban rhythms and the Cajon, providing the foundation that has carried on to this day. The Mission and Bay Area arts and activism have inspired us to help voice the struggles of the community and stay focused on art being a tool for change, while bridging the connections between art and daily life. The rich diversity of the Bay Area and its thriving arts scene has infused our sound with a mix of traditions and styles.

Originally a three-piece band, in what ways are songwriting, recording and performing different for your now seven-piece ensemble?
Most simply put…we now have eight voices to incorporate into the creation of our sound and performance. We have eight artists who all come from different styles and backgrounds and it makes for a magnificent challenge so long as we can work together and find the balance between our own desires and the music as a whole. As a result our sound has become much more interesting and dynamic. And the opportunity to learn from such amazing artists has been a blessing.

What is your favorite San Francisco Bar? Overlook? Guilty pleasure/tourist attraction?
Bar: Cafe Revolution, Radio Habana in the Mission District, and Cafe Van Kleefs in Oakland.
Overlook: Bernal Heights
Guilty Pleasure: Mission Pie 🙂

If you could perform alongside any Bay Area-based artist/band, who would you choose?
Some of the Bay Area bands we love playing with are: Bang Data, Makrú, Inspector Gadje, and Rupa & the April Fishes, just to name a few. Some bands that we haven’t played with and would like to are Goapele, Bells Atlas, The Seshen, Rico Pabon, and The Coup.

Playlist :: 77th Season Playlist

What better way to get to know the artists performing during the Festival’s 77th Season than with our very own playlist?

Take a listen and see you at the Grove!

77th Season Playlist from sterngrovefestival on 8tracks Radio.